Our work is grounded in six operating principles:


Encouraging “learning by doing”


Promoting accountability and transparency


Supporting collaboration, partnerships, and inclusion

Triple bottom line

Balancing environmental, social and financial outcomes


Building on existing skills, experience and resources


Optimizing the use of resources

Founded in 1995, Eko Nomos is a Canadian company with a broad range of clients including non-profit and private sector organizations, federal, provincial and municipal government departments, and foundations. With decades of experience, Eko Nomos is committed to leading Canada and Ontario toward a prosperous, inclusive and sustainable future.

Our method is one of collaboration, striving at all points to ensure effective communications and the broadest possible stakeholder engagement. We have particular interest in rural economic development and issues facing women. In addition to numerous ongoing economic and policy development engagements, Eko Nomos’ work most recently has focused on issues of rural food security, ending violence against women, and the urban immigrant experience.

Eko Nomos brings a consultative and collaborative approach to every project. As researchers, facilitators, and collaborators we work to  guide processes, build capacity, facilitate stakeholder involvement, and offer timely, strategic advice.

eko-nom-os, v. from the Greek root of the word economy, Eko Nomos is “the effective management of the household and community”