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I have had the pleasure of working with Mary, as a colleague and contractor, many times over the last decade. She has a deep appreciation of the challenges faced by vulnerable people and communities, and a special ability to help social innovators think about, plan and evaluate their work. I have used the work of Eko Nomos and Mary a great deal in those years and continue to (happily) recommend her as a first rate consultant, coach and evaluator.

Mark CabajHere to There

When I joined the Canadian Women’s Foundation it was Mary Ferguson and Janet Murray who provided me with a thorough orientation to the  Sustainable Livelihoods framework. As part of the Foundation’s capacity building work we traveled across Canada and trained over 50 community based agencies on effective evaluation practices, logic models and methods to improve their program evaluations. To date, many of those organizations continue to use the model and asset based approach to their programming with women and their evaluations. As a facilitator and trainer, Mary is a great listener, communicator and is extremely personable.

Chanel GrenawayDirector, Economic Development ProgramsCanadian Women's Foundation