To suit the needs of every project we build a customized team
of associates to work collaboratively.

Mary Ferguson, Senior Partner

Over 25 years, Mary has been involved with hundreds of projects focused on social, environmental and economic development, working as a principal of Eko Nomos since 1995. Throughout Canada, in northern, remote, rural, and urban communities Mary has brought her skills to bear on project of many sizes and with many different organizations. In addition to working with individual organizations she provides services to private companies, funders and intermediaries investing in corporate responsibility and social enterprise development. Mary has developed a specific group of strategies for application to development, research and evaluation projects according to specific local needs. Using refined research techniques, proprietary tools and directed policy initiatives, she excels at guiding groups through complex situations to find cost-effective solutions. In her work, Mary continues to mentor a new generation of social entrepreneurs and community/environmental economic developers. Mary holds a Bachelor of Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo, a Masters of Environmental Studies from York University, and a PhD from the School of Environmental Design and Rural Development, University of Guelph. She is a Research Associate of the Community Engaged Scholarship Institute of the University of Guelph. Mary is usually found caring for her grandchildren and getting outdoors with her partner and dog in the Beaver Valley.

Debra Simpson, Senior Associate

Debra has trained and worked as a lawyer. She brings extensive experience working with newcomers and refugees, giving particular attention to gender and anti-oppression analysis. She has conducted gender research studies and evaluations, and created gender program planning tools. She has designed and implemented numerous community development programs, and has held key leadership positions, both on boards of directors and as an employee. In her various roles, and because she has lived and worked in cross-cultural settings, she has developed a facility for engaging, liaising and negotiating with a wide variety of internal and external partners. She takes a participatory approach that elicits commitment to, and ownership of the processes that are critical to the success of the assignments she undertakes.

Recently, Debra also worked for a community economic development organization that provided funding for initiatives designed and implemented by community groups including newcomer women and men aimed at ending poverty, hunger and environmental degradation in Canada.

Debra holds a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Arts Honours in Political Science.

Catherine Lang, Senior Associate                        

Catherine has worked in management and consulting with social economy organizations for over 25 years. Through her consulting practice, C. Lang Consulting, Catherine partners with national, provincial, and community based groups with a key focus on innovation in community and economic development.

Catherine’s work engages funders, nonprofits, academics, networks, local governments and emerging community groups in partnership development, evaluation, program design, knowledge creation and social entrepreneurship.

As an independent consultant and past manager of the Ontario Co-operative Association she has extensive experience in co-op development and social enterprise coaching. She is an editor of the 2011 edition of the Canadian Social Enterprise Guide produced by ENP BC ( and co-founder of the Rural Social Enterprise Constellation (

In addition to numerous reports and feasibility studies, she has co-authored papers, tools and guides for communities, including: Innovation Pathways: Tools for Rural & Northern Community Innovation, 2006; Strengthening Collaboration in the Not-for-Profit Sector (Ontario Trillium Foundation); and Building Collaboration in and with the Nonprofit Sector (ONN), 2010. She recently completed work on a free online platform for nonprofit collaboration called Collaboration Coach, with Capacity Builders, the training arm of the Ontario Community Support Association. (www.capacitybuilders/collaborationcoach/)

Catherine holds a Masters degree in Adult Education as well as a BA in Sociology and Philosophy and a Bachelor of Social Work.

Emmett Ferguson, Partner

Emmett has significant experience as a facilitator and researcher in Ontario’s Third Sector. His practice is informed by a commitment to social justice through participatory action and research to create democratic governance and economies. Now in his seventh year working with Eko Nomos, Emmett works in a variety of roles: researcher, writer and editor, evaluator and facilitator. He has worked on many projects with diverse stakeholders, including primary research and facilitation activities with people facing multiple, complex barriers to economic participation. Emmett holds a BA and an MA from the University of Toronto.

Janet Murray, Evaluator and Sustainable Livelihoods specialist

Janet Murray (MA) is a professional evaluator who has worked for over 25 years planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating community-based social and economic development programs in Canada and overseas.

Throughout her career, Janet has focused on poverty reduction. She brings a deep understanding of the sector that promotes social and economic inclusion, with particular expertise in financial literacy, sustainable livelihoods, community health and social enterprise interventions. Through her evaluation practice, Janet has worked closely with practitioners to capture promising practices and theories of change. She has developed practical tools and strategies to support continuous improvement of their program interventions.

Janet owns and operates Resources for Results (R4R), a private evaluation firm based in Toronto, Canada.

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Samantha Blostein, Intermediate Associate

Samantha is a proficient researcher, facilitator and consultant in the social sector, both in Canada and abroad. Her work centres those affected by gender-based violence, issues of migration and the systemic barriers that affect marginalized communities. Along with her extensive experience, Samantha is adept at communicating with and educating others, empowering them with knowledge to enact change and implement best practices in their own communities. As the founder and director of Research for Change, a consultancy strengthening the community advancement and social service sectors, Samantha leads a team of experienced researchers and facilitators to help clients address specific objectives surrounding positive change within their communities. The projects range from community-based research, program design and evaluation and cross-sector partnership development to workshop facilitation and policy advancement. In addition to her work as a consultant and researcher, Samantha brings a wealth of educational experience. She currently lectures at the University of Guelph on International Development Studies as a Global Community Engagement Specialist and has taught internationally, focusing on the education of women, children and families. Samantha is committed to fostering environments that encourage gender justice, social change and collaborative action.

Anton Svendrovski, Associate Statistician

In the past few years Anton has been working with Eko Nomos team to provide analytical and statistical support for evaluation surveys. He brings a quantitative perspective to program evaluation and assists organizations to make evidence-based decisions. Anton is a published author/participant in the research fields of medicine, geriatrics, psychology, non-profit projects, art therapy, and osteopathy. Anton is a guest lecturer at Canadian College of Osteopathy, an occasional guest speaker at Art Therapy conferences. He actively promotes quantitative methods in social research, de-mystifies statistical analysis and constantly looks for ways to transform data into information and knowledge. Anton has a Master’s Degree in Applied Math, a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, an MBA, and is IBM SPSS Certified. More information can be found at

Kaitlyn Cinovskis, Associate

Kaitlyn is a committed writer, administrator and facilitator. She has a passion for projects that grow organizations and develop sustainable enterprises, and looks for opportunities to work with clients who seek change. Kaitlyn is a recent addition to the Eko Nomos team, and is excited to be applying innovative approaches to developing Sustainable Livelihoods with clients in the GTA and beyond. In addition to her role at Eko Nomos, Kaitlyn is the Administrative Coordinator of the Canadian Evaluation Society – Ontario Chapter, where she serves the chapter’s members and promotes the value of evaluation across the province. Kaitlyn holds a Hon BA from the University of Toronto.